Getting To Understand More About Managed Print Services

If you are running an office, big or small, there are quite a few items that are extremely important and indispensable to you. Amongst such items, there is no doubt that printers and photocopiers could be at the top of the list. Apart from computers and fax machines, there is hardly any doubt that photocopiers and printers have become indispensable, however small the office might be. While many offices believe in having their own printers and photocopiers there are others who have a different take on this. If you are startup company not having the right amount of capital, you would rather prefer to look for a lease photocopier for meeting your photocopying needs. It will save you the cost of investing in a new photocopier which could run into quite a few thousand dollars. You could rather use this money for increasing production and improving productivity in your office and factory.

While leasing and renting is a common option, of late the demand for managed print services (MPS) and excellent photocopying services is also becoming very common these days. Hence, before trying to understand more about leasing and renting, it would be a good idea to understand the various benefits associated with print services that are managed in nature. This is a practice that is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Amongst the various benefits associated with MPS the biggest advantage is perhaps on cutting down on ownership costs. This may not look very attractive to big companies but as mentioned above for startup companies it certainly is a great advantage. Further it also helps in reducing energy consumption, removes the headache pertaining to maintenance and compliance related matters just to name a few. 

Now coming back to printer sales Sydney or leasing of photocopier, we have to bear in mind certain important facts. First and foremost we need to have a clear idea about the possible volumes that we are expecting on a daily basis. If the volumes are very high and if the leasing charges do not justify it, then it would be better to buy a new machine. When going in for printer rental or even when deciding for renting a photocopier we should also keep in mind the recurring cost by way of toner, cartridge refills just to name a few. When drawing up a rental or leasing agreement with the service provider you should ensure that these aspects are taken care of.

It is also important for you to have a clear idea about the service standards that are expected from such leasing and renting companies. Many companies do not include servicing as a part of the rental agreement. So, we could be in for a rude shock when it comes to servicing the machines on a regular basis. You should therefore be able to read between the lines and also have a closer look at the fine print before signing the agreement. If you are not clear about some points, you should sit with the vendor and have it clarified before moving ahead. Last but not the least, it is also incumbent on the customer to find out more about the reputation and goodwill of the service provider. You must always look for credentials and references from previous customers before taking a final decision on availing their services.